1 piece - sealing ring 62/30 x 11 for Peitz axles bearing 30204/30206

Article description

Item no.: 725

1 piece Sealing ring 62/30 x 11, suitable for axles with the
Storage 30204/30206 following Peitz axes:

EBD 8.5 U
EBD 10 U
EBD 12 U
EBG 8.5 U
EBG 10 U
EBG 12 U

Attention! does not fit UV version - other bearings!!!
To be on the safe side always read the size from the bearings!
(In case of doubt call or mail first)

Inside Ø approx. 30 mm
Outside Ø approx. 62 mm
Height (incl. sealing lip) approx. 11 mm

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