Shock absorber for Peitz / BPW overrun brake PAV / SR 2,0 Version. M - B - C - L...

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Article description

Item no.: 530

Shock absorber suitable for PAV/SR 2.0 version without X
Manufacturer: PEITZ / BPW 

i. e. the PAV/SR 2.0/I type plate in the field Execution is only to be used with
a letter e. g.' M',' L' or' D' then this damper fits. 
If there is an' X' in the field in addition to the letter,
this shock absorber is not suitable - it is too short.

If your shock absorber looks a little different, then
This is no problem, as these shock absorbers are available from various manufacturers.


Total length (center eye/middle eye) approx. 235 mm

Ø Eye on pressure vessel approx. 8.0 mm

Eye width at the pressure vessel approx. 6 mm

Ø eye on the piston rod approx. 12 mm

Eye width at the piston rod approx. 26 mm

Ø pressure body approx. 24 mm